Inbound marketing vs Outbound: Is Inbound making outbound redundant?

I was just asked to respond to a well thought out argument by @ZamirJaver entitled: Is Inbound marketing really making outbound redundant? It’s a post worth reading.

Inbound marketing vs Outbound is, I think, not the real debate here. There are a LOT of good reasons to implement an inbound marketing program. Content marketing, lead nurturing, and using the buyers’ journey concept to really guide potential customers through the research that you KNOW they’re going to do anyway just makes sense.

As we get better at tracking the effectiveness of marketing in creating leads (and closing deals with or without a sales team) it feels like we’re making a compelling argument against outbound marketing altogether.. but my thought on this is…. Outbound marketing (if done efficiently) is not only highly scalable and cost effective, it is a perfect compliment to inbound marketing – particularly inbound lead generation.

Imagine a world where everyone does inbound marketing really well. Everyone is creating content, and everyone is competing for online eyeballs. In that world, offline marketing – such as a well-timed phone call, about a topic that you are interested in, by someone who understands your needs might be somewhat refreshing — in that 5 minute phone call you can get the answers that you were looking for, and build trust with a real human who you have had voice contact with — the same human who can help guide you through the purchase process.

My point here is this: It’s not inbound vs outbound that we should be debating… it’s how do we use the two in combination to give the potential customer the best experience, and to drive the most revenue for your company?

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David Booth

Revenue Consultant, Founder at Revenify
David Booth is the founder and lead consultant at Revenify. He specializes in taking early and growth stage B2B SaaS startups to profitability, and building the foundation for scaling revenue growth.
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  • social media marketing melbourne May 2, 2014 at 4:05 am

    Thanks for this article; this article is quite good for understanding inbound and outbound marketing. And I agree with the point, that combination with the both inbound and outbound marketing can give best experience.

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