Services for B2B, product-focused startups

with a focus on metrics-driven, proven strategies

  • Strategy & Execution

    Strategy & Execution

    As a previous CEO, David has grown a software startup from zero to hero -- so we understand the needs of senior management. We handle strategy, execution, and iteration -- and we're goal-focused from Day One.

  • Increase Awareness & Lead Generation

    Increase Awareness & Lead Generation

    We are very good at attracting the right people to your products through our campaigns. We'll get the job done with: Inbound Lead Generation, Content Creation, Word of Mouth, Viral, Events, Social Media, Community Marketing and more.

  • Convert leads to customers

    Convert leads to customers

    We use marketing automation, lead nurturing, landing pages, analytics and testing, email marketing, CRMs, web design and web development to convert leads to customers -- and we can set up processes that work organically or with a sales team.

  • Build your repeatable, scalable business model

    Build your repeatable, scalable business model

    Tracking and modeling is easier with a guiding hand. We've modeled multi-product, multi-lead-source, multi-million dollar enterprises. We'll help you to track the important metrics and build your repeatable, scalable business model.

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work together?

As a Founder of ZeroTurnaround, I first worked with David in his role as a marketing consultant. Back then, his focus was to prove that JRebel was a product that could be sold at all. He’s an expert marketer, with a strong community focus, so early on it was obvious that he’d get the job done.

We then tasked him with the CEO role, where he had to represent ZeroTurnaround in deals with customers, raising money from Angels and closing a VC round, and growing our sales, marketing, and administrative organizations. He did all of this successfully with a focus on accelerating our growth, maintaining our profitability AND encouraging our engineering-driven company culture. I look forward to the chance to work with him again.
Toomas Romer Founder, Director of Engineering at ZeroTurnaround
During a fast growth phase we wanted to have a fresh look on our marketing, our tooling, and our organizational structure. I invited David to review what we were doing and give recommendations. David quickly understood our situation, analyzed the big picture, and pointed out several ways to better integrate marketing and our business model.

We ended up implementing most of his recommendations and have used David's help in lead generation, community building, and thought leadership projects as well. David is efficient, inspiring and easy to work with. He will bring fresh thoughts to your marketing function, your organization, and help build new marketing channels.
As an early stage tech startup, we needed help in order to understand our product market fit and figure out how to reach the correct audience. I'm very happy about our decision to work with David.

During 2 weeks of VERY intense co-operation we relaunched our website, built our analytics machine, and turned our "feature" into a product. The results were immediately apparent: a) number of unique visitors increased b) conversion rates went up c) we got the feedback from our users that we needed to adjust our development priorities and decided to hire another developer.

Dave is a smart & hardworking guy, and a real pleasure to work with. We got more from him in 3 weeks, than if we had spent three months in an accelerator.

These are example packages

from the trial project to long-term engagements


Free 2 hour consultation

  • Whether you have a question
  • Or an idea for a project
  • Or would just like some advice
  • I'm happy to help


<40 hours

  • Most often used to tackle short-term problems eg:
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Product-Market Fit analysis
  • Basic modeling & analytics
  • Automated Lead Nurturing


No Limits

  • We'll start with your biggest pain points,
  • break them into solvable projects,
  • and deliver the growth you're looking for.
  • Hourly, monthly & goal-based rates.

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